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having worked in the hospitality industry for over 40 years between them,  (from michelin starred restaurants to high end pubs.) 

in early 2014 the founders of chicken and sons 'mark & adam' where looking for something different, something with a bit more personality, that was casual, approachable to everyone but still used the skills they had acquired in their careers. 

for these reason in 2015 Chicken and Sons was created.

the idea was  a simple one. Take the iconic Aussie Chicken shop, use only the freshest seasonal ingredients, produce everything in house using experienced chefs (not cooks) &, pair it with a friendly and passionate service

the goal is to offer something for everyone, whether it be small children and families, burger afficionados, vegetarians or guests with specific dietary requirements  our menu has been designed with every taste and budget in mind.

at chicken and sons we cook the food that we like to eat, the food that we'd feed the guests in our home & hope our customers feel the love.